About Me

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I’m Jenny, a digital marketing expert and a lifestyle blogger.

I started my own digital marketing company, Sunshine Communications in January 2015, after a mind-altering trip to India showed me that it was time to take a gamble with my life and fulfil my lifelong passion of running my own company.

Luckily I wasn’t going into this completely blind. I have 9 years experience working at great marketing agencies both here in Edinburgh, and London (clients have included Virgin, NSPCC, Marks and Spencer, Arbeg whisky and many more). I’ve been writing since I was a young’un, and was awarded BBC Young Journalist of the Year at the age of 15. Fast forward 10 years and I’d made it to an Account Director at a top Digital Agency in Scotland.  Hard work and entrepeneurial spirit are in my blood.

So now I run Sunshine Communications and I also write a lifestyle blog, which means I cover all subjects from food, fashion and events through to health hotels and travel. I am always looking for new and inspiring brands to work with and new things to write about, so if think that you, your company or your product would be a good fit for Sunshine, then please drop me a line on my contact page.

Read more about Sunshine Communications and what we do here.

A little bit more about me

I’m a true Piscean with an ENFJ personality. We’re a friendly, social bunch us ENFJ’s and have always been born to lead, inspire and teach (many famous ENFJs are US Presidents I hear – we just want to lead the way to a brighter, shinier future!)

When I’m not talking about marketing,  I can usually be found listening to music, travelling or doing some yoga. I’m a total health fanatic; famous for my love of new beauty products, juices, health supplements and exercise crazes. I’m a sucker for some nice packaging. You think I’d learn to see past the marketing techiques…

I love to write, read and to learn. I’m currently learning Spanish so I can communicate with the other 500 million people in the world.

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