What we do

Sunshine Communications is a digital marketing agency. Our services are:

  • Digital strategy
  • Social media management
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Search marketing

The core team is made up of me, and my two perfect little rays of sushine. First up is Siobhan McCardie, Digital Account Manger. Siobhan is my reliable right hand woman, working with me across all of our clients and focussing on delivery and measurement. She’s from Airdrie and always full of nonsense.

Next up is Jen Haughton, Content Creator. Our paths crossed on Twitter, and from there a beautiful friendship was formed. She can russle up a social media update or a blog post in no time and is always full of new ideas. She’s a reliable, trust worthy pair of hands and a whiz and social media advertising.

I have access to a range of brilliant freelance designers, copywriters, adwords specialists and web designers and pull in these talents when required.

How do we work?

There’s no rigid office set up at Sunshine Communications. We’re a forward thinking-business and I apply a totally flexible and agile approach to our work.

This simply means that we work everywhere and anywhere and across all hours of the day. As long as we have our Macbooks and are awake you can reach us.

The 9-5 is truly dying.

Why Sunshine?

We radiate light, warmth and positive energy. We make businesses grow.

Contact me if you want to work with Sunshine (Click here)